Edge of Darkness SP Mission Pack Walkthrough - Part 3
MAP06 Wrecked labs and offices
To your right the toilets contain a zombie and a headcrab. Further along the corridor is blocked by a rockfall which forces you to head left through into a lab area.

In the first lab room there are several zombies which you can take out from a distance. The broken glass case contains more headcrabs which will jump out if you get too close.

The small corridor leading from this lab takes you to the mini-gate chamber. This contains a small-scale gate device which when active will open a small portal that allows Xen lifeforms to enter our dimension. A case on the left holds an egon cannon but the glass front of this case can only be cracked by the gate device being over-loaded.

Watch out for alien slaves teleporting in when you go into this room. When you've dealt with them you can activate the gate devicee using the switch on the right-hand end of the gate machinery.

When the gate is active headcrabs will occasionally slip through the gate. You need to deactivate the gate by causing the system to overload. Do this by pressing the two buttons on the pedestals on each side of the gate. When the second button is pressed the system will shut down completely. Beams from the gate device will crack the glass front of the egon gun case.

To get to the gun you'll need to smash away some of the glass. Move fast because the case inerior is radioactive and it will leak slightly when the glass is broken.

You can now exit the gate chamber and head along the curving corridor towards and office area. Watch out for the bull squid at the entrance to the offices, and there's a tripmine on the side of an office chair which you should avoid disturbing when exploring the office area.

Leading on from the office area is a corridor with a couple of doors. The left-hand door leads into a small storeroom and the right hand door into a medical lab. The med lab contains some health and a battery but to get them you'll need to tackle a number of headcrabs.

Following the corridor around leads to a final lab where a number of zombies are fighting a squad of grunts. You may want to let them fight it out before going any further.

When you come out of the lab you enter a split-level hallway area with a spiral staircase leading to the upper level. On the lower level there's a health-charger in the little section of corridor on the right (the other end of the rockfall-blocked corridor you passed earlier), but watch out for survivors of the zombie/grunt fight when you go in.

The doors at the end of the hallway lead into a large study/office. There are houndeyes here so be careful.

The top of the spiral stairs are booby-trapped by a tripmine which you'll need to take out from the lower level. In addition, there are grunts and a sentry gun lying in ambush on the upper level.

Once you make it past this defence go through the doorway on the upper level into a corridor. Follow the corridor round and you pass into the next map.

MAP07 The Power Plant
At the end of the corridor you'll find yourself in a security room with a suit charger and health charger. There are also some AR grenades on the desk.

Once you're fully loaded you can pass into the power plant control room, but watch out for the grunts inside. Have a look through the observation windows so that you can see where you're heading next, as you'll need to fight your way along the catwalks above the cooling pools very soon.

Be careful of the tripmine planted at the end of the access corridor that leads from the control room into the power plant itself.

In the power plant you'll have to run and fight effectively as a number of grunts are posted throughout this chamber. You can't make it across the bridge before they retract it, so the only way through is along the catwalks.

Try to use what cover there is and take out the grunts as you get to them. Watch out for the grunt on the ground area on the far side of the cooling pool as he can shoot you or throw a sneaky grenade up to your level when you're concentrating on fighting grunts on the catwalks.

When you make it across to the other side of the cooling pool some more grunts will arrive from the exit you need to take. When you've dealt with all the bad guys use the chargers and then head through the exit door to the elevator that lead down to the next map.

MAP08 The Gate Chamber
When you get out of the elevator head along into the observation area. There are plenty of supplies here as well as a friendly scientist. You need to keep this scientist alive to get to the bad guy, so don't get him to follow you out into the gate chamber when you go. Let the scientist use the retina scanner and get you into the chamber when you're ready.

NB: A bug in the map means that if you "Use" this scientist the rest of this sequence wil not work correctly. Leave him alone and things should go right. If after clearing the gate chamber he doesn't run out and open the door you will need to re-play this level.

The gate chamber will be pretty challenging. There are a number of grunts ready to fight you when you enter and when the gate itself is activated alien controllers will come through to attack you (and the grunts - this may help you).

You will need to de-activate the gate in much the same way as you did the mini version back in the labs. There is a de-activation button for each of the side beams and when both buttons have been pressed the gate will shut down. The buttons can be found on the catwalks on each side of the chamber. Note that the buttons are protected by glass which must be broken before the buttons can be pressed.

When you manage to shutdown the gate and have dealt with the grunts and controllers the bad guy will send his two assassins out to kill you (NB: they won't come out if you're close to either of the doors to the control room - they will wait until you're in the main body of the chamber). Use the available cover and the supplies near the control room to fight the assassins.

When the assassins are dead the bad guy will try to hide in the core chamber of the control room and the friendly scientist will run across to let you in the right-hand door of the control room.

Go through into the control room and on into the core. You can't get to the bad guy as he's secure behind the glass of the beam chamber but if you turn on the beams using the wall switch he will be killed. Turning on the main beams with the side beams disabled will lead to the catastrophic destruction of the gate chamber.

Head out of the core and back out of the control room and follow the scientist through the side door into a U-bend corridor. Don't follow the scientist too far though because he's not going to make it through the door at the end of the passage. Instead, you've got to break the grille at the inside of the bend in the corridor and crouch-jump through into a vent beyond. This leads through to the next map.

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