Edge of Darkness SP Mission Pack Walkthrough - Part 2
MAP03 Upper halls
Go through the door into the chamber with the little pool. You now have a choice of routes. The easiest approach is to take the left hand door.

In the chamber that you enter there are some small supply crates containing some useful items stacked near the elevator doors. You can't call the elevator yet without an access code which you'll get later in this level.

Head through the door at the end of the chamber on the right and you'll find yourself in a hallway. You can head down this hallway into a lounge area or go out onto the sundeck (where there are some more supplies) and approach the lounge across the slippery ice rink. In the lounge there are a few grunts so be careful.

Having cleared out this room head through the doors at the end of the lounge back into the chamber with the pool. Take the doors on your left now and you'll find yourself approaching the helipad.

There are a number of factors to take into account here. The machine-gun nest on the right is very dangerous but can't shoot through the apache that's sitting on the helipad. There are also several grunts on patrol, so be careful here. The apache itself can't attack you when it's on the ground and is being re-fuelled so is not really ready to take off.

The most important element here is actually the fuel tank which will explode if damaged. If you or the grunts (with their grenades) trigger this explosion it will take out the apache and the exploding apache will probably knock-out the machine gun and any of the grunts that aren't under cover.

There are more grunts in the bunker on the left of the helipad but they won't come out to attack until you approach the machine gun nest. The best way to deal with these grunts is to use the machine gun nest yourself and take them out from the relative security there.

Once all the grunts are dead you can enter the bunker where you can gather some goodies and then use the radio to get the security code for the elevator door.

You don't need to note down the code - just head for the chamber on the far side of the room with the pool and then use the button there to call the elevator. Watch out for the elevator's arrival because a small squad of grunts will arrive in it. With them out of the way you can press the button inside to head for the next level.

MAP04 Face-to-face
When the elevator arrives at this level you are helpless so just watch and listen for a while.

When you are plunged into the icky tank swim for the grille and ladder in the ceiling. Have your Glock ready to take out the barnacle above the ladder.

You can't get out through the door here. Instead you have to turn the valve on the wall which opens a small grate in the far wall of the water tank. The grate closes slowly once the valve is released so you need to get back into the water and swim quickly for the exit tunnel.

There's no need to kill the icky unless you can't get past it, so simply swim under the grate and into the little tunnel beyond. Swim through into the little chamber beyond and then break the weak patch of ice with your crowbar or Glock to get up into the air above.

In the little drainage chamber you need to break the grille and crawl through the tunnel into the cell beyond. Here a friendly scientist awaits. The only way out of this room is to crowbar you way through the blocked-up doorway on the far wall into the adjacent cell whose door is not locked (press the 'Use' key to open it). There are some items in the crates in this second cell.

Head out into the corridor beyond and head right. Be ready to take-out a grunt who is round the corner at the end of this corridor. You'll find a crossbow and some supplies here. The door leads back through to the valve room above the icky tank.

Unless you really want to kill the icky you should now head back the way you just came back past the cells. Head round the corner and as you approach the door at the end of corridor you'll pass into the next map.

MAP05 Experimental Lab
Through this door you'll find a small storage room with a few supplies. Head down the little ramp into a short section of corridor. To the right is a set of security doors which can only opened with a security pass. To get the pass you'll have to enter the lab which you get to through other door (opposite the storage room door).

The first area you enter contains observation windows, lockers, HEV suits and a suit charger. Use the charger and then step through into the safety lock chamber. You won't be able to pass through into the lab itself until you switch the power button on. As work is currently underway on the lab security systems this will cause chaos in the lab itself.

Stay in the chamber until the power surges end and the emergency lights come on, then open the second door (on the left - not the glass panel) and go through into the lab. Watch out for the headcrabs that have escaped from their broken case. You can grab the security pass from the left-hand end of the control desk. If you want to have a nose around you can go and look at the Xen creatures in the cases at the far end of the lab. Watch out for the bull squid and some more headcrabs if you do.

Head back out of the lab (watch out for a headcrab under the floor) and now that you have the security pass you can go through the security doors into the corridor beyond.

Watch out for more headcrabs in the rest area. If you need some health you can use the drinks machine to get a few points from the drink cans. As you head back along the corridor you will pass into the next map.

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