Edge of Darkness SP Mission Pack Walkthrough - Part 1
WARNING: This text contains spoilers and should only be used if you get completely stuck.
The walkthrough is divided into one section per map with three maps per page. The maps in the pack (after the introductory logo) are named MAP00 through to MAP11, and this naming convention is maintained here.
MAP00 Alleys and mission introduction
Head along the alleyway to the left and go down the short set of steps into the basement.

Enter the chamber at the end of the corridor and approach the beeping portable PC on the desk to the left. An explanation of the mission objectives will be given to you.

When the mission introduction is finished pick up the 9mm Glock and then the HEV suit. When the exit door lights come on pick up the batteries on the floor and go out through the door. You will now be taken to the next map where you will encounter the first enemies.

MAP01 Cablecar base station
When you first appear in the map there is a patrolling guard just in front of you and another to the left. The best way to handle these guards is to crouch (thus remaining silent) and then sneak forward to pick up the crowbar on the ground in front of you. Take-out the patrolling guard with the crowbar and then turn to shoot the second guard (or shoot the exploding barrels behind him).

Grab the guns and ammo from the fallen guards. There are also a few goodies to gather from the crates in the yard. Once you've got these head into the cablecar base station itself.

Be careful as you head up the steps as there is another guard patrolling around the cablecar itself. To open the cablecar doors you need to press the button in the office on the left.

In the office there are some hand grenades and there's another guard in the toilet.

When you've gathered everything press the button to open the cablecar doors, step into the cablecar, and press the button you'll find in the front of the car to start it up.

MAP02 First approach to the mountaintop
When the cablecar stops and the door opens, get out and get ready to fight the two guards. You should be able to take out the one that stays in the office with a couple of headshots. Use the available cover to take out the other guard as he attacks.

To get through the security door you'll need to enter the office by crouch-jumping through the office window. Gather the items you find in the office, press the button that opens the security door then go through into the corridor beyond.

Head up the corridor until you see the end door. You'll have to fight a number of grunts in the warehouse beyond. Try to use the exploding barrels and cover from the crates to your advantage and don't run into the open doorway on the left as the chamber beyond is guarded by sentry turrets.

When you've dealt with the grunts in the warehouse take some time to gather the items you'll find in some of the crates. Head out through the door on the right which takes you into a small alcove with an air-duct intake.

Press the button on the far side of the intake to stop the fan then break the front cover grille and crawl into the duct. Crawl along until you reach an opening on the left with a ladder inside (don't touch the fan at the end of the duct) and climb up it. Crouch to get out onto the catwalk.

You'll probably need to deal with the grunt in the guardroom to the right now. With him out of the way you can use the lever on the desk to open the security doors in the chamber below. You should also use the wall switch to activate and then de-activate the ceiling turrets. Once they are de-activated they should remain that way so that you can safely pass through the security chamber.

Head down the little flight of stairs and out into the chamber (be careful that the turrets aren't still active) then go through the security doors and head up the corridor beyond.

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